Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing makes a perfect day trip for a dynamic, captivating way to facilitate scientific exploration through hands-on exhibits. Always trying to keep learning fresh and fun, Impression 5 Science Center is working on a brand new interactive exhibit that promises to be even more exciting for our little scientists.

The Impression 5 Science Center exhibit team is working diligently to prepare the space for the brand new room of bubble wonders that will include:

  • The Body Bubble (Where children can put themselves inside a giant bubble!)
  • Blowing Bubbles Tables
  • The Bubble Blaster (Which will allow children to shoot bubbles out of the building and watch them soar down Museum Drive!)

The current bubbles room, according to Impression 5 Science Center planners will be renovated into a lounge space for visitors to eat, hang out and relax.

Check in with the Impression 5 Science Center’s facebook page to stay up to date on the renovations and exhibit progress. Here is a conceptual drawing of what’s to come!