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Interactive Online Singapore Math Program

Originally developed in Singapore, this innovative teaching method is currently in use in schools throughout the United States. Singapore Math focuses on concept mastery and involves a unique pictorial approach, allowing elementary school students to look at a problem in a visual way before they move to the abstract.

This flexible, online learning platform was developed specifically to support the teaching of Singapore Math in the United States for grades 1-5. It combines multimedia technologies and animated characters with instructional strategies to offer an engaging, interactive teaching and learning experience. It includes ready-made multimedia lessons for each math concept; step-by-step practice problems for independent and group learning; differentiated practices to support different ability groups; question analysis capability to identify common mistakes; and comprehensive assessments to track student progress.

The digital curriculum is available at a cost of $99 per subscription for home.

Math Buddies can be purchased at http://www.mymathbuddies.com.

The first two people to email rick@livingstonparentjournal.com are going to get a free workbook and a free subscription to the online service. Just send me your mailing address and let me know what grade workbook you would like.