ASulfate/Paraben/Phthlate and Gluten-Free Baby Care Collection

Packaged without the gibberish found on most baby products, Just Hatched tells moms exactly what is being put onto their baby’s skin.

Bright Baby Shampoo, Happy Baby Body Wash and Soft Baby Body Lotion, are formulated with the mildest and most natural ingredients, and affordably priced at Wal-Mart or at justhatched4babies.com. Scents include tapioca, coconut, and milk and sugar. Three new products will debut in 2012: Butter My Bottom (Tushy Cream), Love My Baby (Body Oil) and Precious Baby(Dusting Powder).

“In both good and bad economies, all Moms care about what they use on their babies’ skin. Just Hatched was born because we couldn’t find a baby care brand that was natural and gentle at an affordable price in the mass-retail market,” says Melinda Rubin, President, Garcoa Laboratories, makers of Just Hatched. “We formulated Just Hatched products with mild, beneficial ingredients like natural oat, soy and aloe so they’re gentle enough for even their most tender parts; and they smell delicious enough to eat.”

Natural Essence in Howell is giving away free samples to every customer, while supplies last. Natural Essence is located at 204 West Grand River Suite #100. (517)404-8712