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Kenny Hensley is the piano player for The Head and The Heart

The March issue is our Camp Guide. It is our biggest issue of the year, and this year it has 40 pages.

We have listings from about 50 organizations, so allow yourself plenty of time to peruse at your leisure. There are day camps, resident camps, riding camps and farm camps, well over 70 camps in all. Camp Catch a Rainbow offers a free week of camp at Camp Storer in Jackson to cancer survivors between the ages of 7 and 15. If you know a family that could benefit from this, be sure to have them pick up a copy.

Nancy Doran is our copy editor and proofreader. Any mistakes you find in the magazine are my fault and not hers. She blogs at nancygillarddoran@blogspot.com and she has an article about memories of her childhood bedroom.

Lori Taylor, the author of Holly Wild: Bamboozled on Beaver Island, is back with an article that includes a story about a vampire that showed up at her daughter’s summer camp.

Dawn Papple blogs at www.everythingbirthblog.com. Her article about organic shopping in Livingston County has a lot of specific practical helpful information.

Emily Wilson’s daughter went to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp when she was in 7th grade. Her article about that experience is on page 14.