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Before Betsy Christensen left to study at the University of London for summer school, her mother made one request: “Please bring me back a beautiful nativity.”

Back home, Christensen hid the gift from her mother until Christmas Eve. After her parents had gone to sleep, she set up the nativity and left it for her mother to find first thing in the morning. Christmas day at the Christensen house was full of tearful gratitude and big hugs. Her mother’s joy led Betsy to begin her now 60-year love affair with nativities.

In her new book, In Manger Lowly – The World Wide Christmas Nativity in Poetry, Carols and Crèche Art, Betsy Christensen combines photography and poetry about nativities based on Christensen’s extensive experience collecting and exhibiting crèche art. More info at http://elizabethannechristensen.authorsxpress.com/