Off the Wall is a new occasional feature in Livingston Parent Journal. It is a selection of Facebook Posts, mostly from local parents. I have had a few requests to include it more regularly, so I will try to do that, beginning with the January issue. In the meantime, enjoy these and feel free to share what your own friends post.

Carrie Tennant Shumaker And today I made a new friend when I wasn’t supposed to make a new friend, because I don’t always follow the rules. –Sam describing his first solo day in preschool.

Sue Talbert is watching her boy play Lego Star Wars on the Wii and hearing him sing along with Trans-Siberian Orchestra to “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” at the same time. makes her heart happy. 🙂

Jennya Hammack I have to paint my toes for Jessica’s wedding tomorrow. Someone call me in 15min. If I don’t answer, send help bc I have passed out from baby feet shoved in my right lung and a baby rump crammed in my left lung.

Stephanie Clunn When watching the space station tonight, we were all pretty excited  about it. Suddenly, 5 year old exclaims: “I didn’t know aliens were real!” Oh boy. Trying to explain they were not and that we put the space station there (which just looked like a star shooting across the sky) was lost on her. Funny though.

Jessica Cardoni 8pm girls go to bed . 9:10pm Belle starts screaming “Help!!!” We jump up prepared to help Aurora with a seizure or bandage a major bleeding wound. The now hysterical Belle is crying “My glow stick is broken!!!”. Great my first heart attack at age 37!!

Jessica Kroft Deboard Just did a total 360 at the Hamburg Rd round about. Not bc i spun out in the snow. I actually followed the thing around in a full circle bc I went the wrong way. I felt like Clark Griswold…look kids, Big Ben! and yeah I used to live down the street. Who’s a winner? This girl.

Angie Baynai Tyrpak My youngest little angel can be pretty persuasive at times and often wants to “just talk” when it’s time to go to sleep… tonight’s topic: “Mom, sometimes i feel like a french fry on Friday.” How does that feel? Well, the short version is nonsense, but she got to stay up about 10 minutes later explaining it.

Chris Tyrpak The kids had a trial session at a local martial arts studio yesterday. They both got a free uniform. Good sales strategy, but it wasn’t enough to make me want to commit. Then I noticed them both calling me “sir” all evening. SOLD! Where do I sign?